Girl Got Game

My first book GIRL GOT GAME is out now.


Franki & Michelle

The podcast that came about when Franki cancelled on Michelle for being a rich bitch!

Join these two firecrackers for no holds barred conversations on living your best life UNAPOLOGETICALLY, with all the messiness and magic that comes with it.

They talk personal style, branding, motherhood, aging, body image and a shitload more!

This podcast is for women who aren’t afraid to get real, and want to hear it like it is. 



Frustrated with the options for plus size/curve women Michelle has taken on the fashion world and launched her own fashion line.

Created for the everyday woman, it’s a destination online boutique like no other!

With pieces hand selected by Michelle she will not sell anything that she doesn’t proudly wear herself, her customers love and trust this personal connection. With items now known to sell out in minutes, if you like something make sure you snap it up QUICKLY!

Glamor Hippie

Glamor Hippie originally started as a passion project. Somewhere I could share my experiences of living an organic and chemical free life wherever possible.

Having an idea and the determination I started my little blog. First, I had all the fantastic support of my friends and family. Then very quickly Glamor Hippie grew and grew! Every day it gets that little bit bigger and a whole lot better!

Over the past five years, my original little blog has turned into the most incredible journey. It’s now a thriving website and brand with the incredible community. It’s a continual source of inspiration, motivation, and something I’m so very proud of.


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