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Have you just started your own small business and you’re not sure where to start with social media?


Do you have an established business and have never developed a plan to get your social game working for you?

Often your social media strategy starts out with a bang! You have content to share; your new website, new product or service, you share your content and then all of a sudden you have nothing left to share!! You go quiet for a little while, that’s OK, right? You have more important tasks to tackle, like running your business!

Over time your social media strategy falls into the too hard basket. You talk to a few people about what you should be doing, like the youngest person on your team the “millennial”, they must know what they are doing?! Or that friend who has a few thousands followers, she’s got some Insta fame, she MUST be able to help me. You quickly discover this is a path you don’t want to go down, it doesn’t work, Insta fame and being under 25 doesn’t qualify someone to help you build a social media strategy. Then you begin to research the costs of outsourcing your social media and cannot believe it costs that much!!!

You need help, but don’t know where to turn. Look no further, I can help!

I do NOT believe you should outsource your social media! Your company is your personal brand; you should be in the driver’s seat, no one else!

Knowing how to develop, create and manage your own personal branding + social media will put you in control, it will have a direct impact on your business and it will save you $$$ now and for years to come

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If you are in the Canberra region, this can be a face to face meeting OR we can have a virtual meeting, especially helpful in the new world we are living in! Whatever works best in your situation.

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Don’t think you are ready for a one on one appointment? Looking for assistance before you take that step??

Often the first step to getting your social media strategy working for you is to get your Personal Brand working for you. Business in 2020 is about connecting with your client or customer; to do that you have to put YOUR best foot forward online.

My Personal Branding Pathway course is a MUST for anyone wanting the complete A-Z of personal branding, it’s the step to take if you are not ready for a 1:1 AND I have reduced the price by $200!! Why? Because Personal Branding matters in this current economic recession and everyone should have the opportunity to learn everything they need to know about how to put your best foot forward. To find out more about the course click HERE

If you’re ready to create a strategy that you can self manage, that will showcase your incredible business complete the form below and let’s get started!

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Looking for something else…

Instagram Story Highlights

Want your Instagram to stand out amongst the crowd? Let us design with custom Highlight covers for you!

After purchasing, you’ll be sent an email asking for colour options etc. We will design up to 6 custom covers for you.

Please allow 5-10 business day turnaround


Social Media Audit

Having trouble pinpointing why your social media isn’t gaining traction on Instagram and/or Facebook? Do you have a website that is up and functional but not getting the traffic you need?

Do you need an honest opinion with constructive feedback on how you can improve your presence online?

At Ms Michelle Mitchell, we can conduct a full audit of your online presence. We will provide you with a detailed report of our findings AND our top tips that you can implement immediately to get you on the right path as quickly as possible. 

Sounds great, right?! Because we are so convinced we can assist if we can’t find anything wrong with your social strategy well… #moneybackguarantee 

Please allow a 10 working day turnaround.


LinkedIn Banner Pack

Is your LinkedIn banner the default image of the blue gradient with dots and lines? Do you know that importance of that precious real estate in the online space should never be left in default mode?! Your banner image should be eye-catching, adding to your Personal Brand NOT making you look like everyone else!

But using any old image is also NOT an option, you need a design that has been created in the correct format and dimensions that LinkedIn stipulates. Here a Ms Michelle Mitchell we have designed 35 (THIRTY FIVE) LinkedIn banners for you to use instantly updating and making your profile stand out. Upon purchasing you will receive an email with a zip file of all 35 images, allowing you to update and change your banner as many times as you like!

Please allow a 1 working day turnaround.



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