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Michelle’s skill set is like no other. Michelle works in social media, marketing, podcasting, professional writing, professional speaking, fashion, IT, and she’s over the age of 40!

Michelle is not new to this; she has the resume + experience where she guarantees that she can help you and your business regardless of the industry you’re in to tackle the online world.

As an owner of a large IT firm, Michelle also attends world-leading conferences on emerging technology and trends; her skill set is unique, and she can discuss issues you are facing from all angles. Trust us when we say what #’s you use and the time of day you post is necessary, but there are many vital elements you need to know when you market anything online.

This is why Michelle’s calendar is booked out months in advance!

Book now; there’s no reason to wait; you deserve the best advice.


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Available Monday + Wednesday between 10.30am and 2.30 pm (AEST) time.

If you need a time outside of these hours, an additional fee will apply.

Once your purchase has been made our team will email you to arrange a time for your session.

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