I loved Michelle’s Social Pop training program. It was so easy to follow and understand, but most of all it was fun!

Michelle has helped me with my social media accounts and has taken me from a measly 100 followers to amassing over 2000!

Her confidence is infections and I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and really achieved big things with my

Digital Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is Michelle’s passion and I knew she was the person for me when she showed that genuine interest in my business and helping me to achieve my goals – Who wouldn’t want to work with someone like that?!

If you’re looking for someone to take your Social Media and Personal Branding to the next level then look no further, Michelle take you through step by step the what to do and what not to do in the wonderful world of Social Media and share with you all the tips and tricks to make your Brand stand out in the crowd.

Jessica Wardell

Welcome to the first step in your online marketing journey that will actually make a difference! Social Pop Marketing Bootcamp brought is proudly brought to you by the infamous Ms Michelle Mitchell. Michelle wanted to create a course like NO other. Giving all of you incredible people the opportunity to get some lifelong skills in the marketing and social media department of your brand. We all know it is important for you to be successful with your brand, which is why she created it!

Michelle cares about your success, as do all of us at Ms Michelle Headquarters.

A note from Michelle: 

First, let me say thank you for taking a moment to look into my online course; I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to share what I have created with you.

Social Pop is proudly hosted in Teachable, giving you a professionally hosted course that you can access from any device.

Social Pop runs over four weeks, with all content released weekly on a Monday morning. Knowing how life gets in the way, the course is entirely self-paced, allowing you to jump in and out as you please over a period of 12 months. All content is in video and written format with downloadable worksheets.

We also have a closed Facebook Group for the month where all participants share, participate, and connect. Forming connections and sharing learnings, it becomes a community where you can meet others on their social media marketing journey. It’s something I continue to be proud to have created every time I open the course for a new month.

The highlight of this course has to be the weekly Zoom session, having a virtual face to face session with myself and the other Social Pop participants in your group. This element is fundamental to the success of this course.

Any online course that doesn’t have this format DOES NOT have your best intentions in mind! Other online courses sell you through clever marketing tactics then leave you to learn what they have to offer without ever having the opportunity to ask vital questions!

This makes absolutely NO SENSE to me; when you purchase Social Pop, I’m here for you and your journey, so are my team—proudly emailing weekly updates, reminders and any important information that you need.

You can also email any questions if Zoom sessions are not your thing; we accommodate your needs wherever possible.

I have some more information below if you would like to know some more.

Michelle OX


Week one commences Monday 31th January 2022

Week two commences Monday 7th February 2022

Week three commences Monday 14th February 2022

Week four commences Monday 21st February 2022

Course completion Thursday 24th February 2022

REMEMBER IT IS SELF-PACED and you can come in and out as time allows or follow along with the group. All content will be available for 12 months. BUT it’s only open a few times a year, signing up now means you start the new year off with a guaranteed head start!!


Michelle’s Social Pop Marketing Bootcamp is so much more than just social media. It starts off with a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of your business and asks you to think about what’s important to you and your brand. I must admit this part was the hardest for me and a few times I ran into brick walls as I struggled to find answers to questions I’d never really asked myself. 

Thankfully the opportunity to listen and talk with Michelle & the others in the course via Facebook and weekly Zoom gatherings was incredibly helpful.

Through the course Michelle addresses many of the challenges we face putting ourselves out there and delivers quite a few aha! moments along the way, along with definitive guides to each & every platform.

If you struggle with branding and social media and feel lost amongst all the noise out there, Michelle’s course will set you up with the skills you need to help your brand not only succeed, but thrive.

Cass Atkinson

Here is the complete introduction video that appears in Week One of the course; I have popped it here to see my teaching style, giving you insight into how I teach.

Social Pop is an amazing course for small business owners. It really gives you all the foundation information that you need to understand what each social media platform does, and how you can apply them to your individual business.

Michelle helps you to address what your brand essence is, and how you identify with your brand (so that you can attract the right customers to increase your brand awareness).

The other thing I loved about Social Pop is the ease of technology. For someone who isn’t always savvy online, it was easy to navigate, with content that was easy to digest.

Thank you, Michelle, I will be looking out for future courses!

Sarah Hardie, Deserved Luxury

I recently did Ms Michelle Mitchell’s 4 week Social Pop course and I was blown away. Who knew social media was more than simply scrolling through Facebook and that I could use it to my advantage! The Social Pop course itself was full of interesting and easily adaptable tips and tricks which had me wanting to smack myself in the head wondering why I’d never done it before. It was well paced and I was able to adapt it to the way it best fit me (doing it when I could around life/work) however where I got the most benefit was from Michelle herself. Listening to her talk on the weekly zoom sessions, share tips and tricks, give advice and even help me to look at my whole business differently was invaluable.

As an author, I thought I could hide behind the books and it would be enough. Michelle showed me, patiently, that I AM my brand and I need to embrace it and be a part of it. Michelle then took the time to get to know me and understand my reservations about videos, going live and some of the other options available and helped me plan a strategy that would allow me to not only embrace social media, but also make it work for me and my business. 

I can’t wait to work with Michelle in the future to expand my reach and gain the traction I want for my business.

Rebecca Barber

Week One


– Brand Strategy

– Brand Identity

– Brand Marketing

Week Two


– Who you are serving?

– Confidence online

Week Three


– The Rule of 5

– Social Channels

– Scheduling/batching/#’s

Week Four


– The social breakdown

– Apps/tools

– Tips & Tricks

Social Pop gave us great access to Michelle’s extensive social media knowledge across all platforms. Have all your questions ready and she’ll give you some great tips and insight.

Jeanene, Winederlust

I cannot thank Michelle enough for what she has done for my little business and me.

When I first met with Michelle, I had no idea what I was doing regarding social media, promoting and branding my business. However, after the first session with Michelle, I was up and running. 

If you are having issues creating your brand, promoting your business or have no idea about social media (like I did), I cannot recommend her enough.

Sarah Feeney

How do I describe working with an absolute legend? Engaging, insightful and most of all, fun. I enjoyed every minute of working with Michelle. It gave me lots of ideas to implement in my business. Thank you so much Social Pop team!

Alicia Louise Lillington



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